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Managing the COVID-19 status of your employee and customer base.


Widespread testing needs to be followed by an easy-to-use, secure tracing protocol. Emerging technologies in blockchain encryption will let individuals securely present their COVID-19 status, directly from a smartphone app. Digital health credentials, such as the QMC HealthID™, will be key to safe entry into a workplace to support employee testing and integrates with other COVID-19 initiatives. Different profiles can be set up for work, school, or travel. Besides showing a real-time, color-coded readout of an authenticated testing status, the app allows users to store relevant health information and, eventually, vaccine status. In compliance with HIPAA and HL7 regulations, no personal health information is stored.

Innova joined with Quantum Materials Corp., a leading nanomaterial and quantum dot manufacturer, to build an end-to-end management platform and mobile app to authenticate testing and document personal health status. The core, cloud-based application, uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow external organizations to link to testing results. A positive test notifies public health officials of the need to contact trace and gives researchers a more accurate picture of current hotspots. All monitoring data meets Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR as well as California Consumer Privacy ACT (CCPA) requirements. Information sharing pushes our healthcare system to be more integrated. The QMC HealthID™ also generates a QR Code which can be scanned for safe entry at universities, restaurants, and sporting and entertainment venues. Quantum Materials Corp., with decades of experience in anti-counterfeiting measures with quantum dot technology, is key to building the infrastructure required for secure collection, storage and sharing of personal health data.


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